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Carbon Data Solutions is a software development and consulting company founded in 2002. Drawing on the experience of our development team, we can develop tailored software systems for your business, using the tools and environment best suited.

Our Team

Scott Porter

Julie Marnow
Operations Manager

Theo Howell
Senior Developer

Oliver Jacobs
Senior Developer

Adarsh Korapurath
Software Developer

Hugh McGoldrick
Software Developer

Grace Roberts
Web & Shopify Developer

Carbon Data is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and a certified FileMaker Developer.

Carbon Data has a broad network of consultants and specialists to ensure our IT services are of best practice, and service all customer requirements.

What We Offer
Custom Database Development
Web Development
iOS Mobile Development
Android Mobile Development
FileMaker Development
FileMaker System Maintenance & Support
FileMaker Licensing
Server Setup and Maintenance
Network Setup and Management
Our Services
  • FileMakerTM Pro Advanced database development
  • Bespoke database systems
  • Web systems development
  • App development

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Victoria 3143

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