FileMaker Experts

We are expert FileMaker consultants based in Melbourne VIC.
We can help to build or rewrite your existing FileMaker database to meet your business needs.

Growth With Your Business
Growth With Your Business

FileMaker Pro Advanced software can be utilised to manage databases, all within a framework flexible enough to ensure rapid development and delivery.

Tailored Solutions
Tailored Solutions

We will tailor your database to suit your business needs. We can create systems as unique as your business.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Cross-Platform Compatibility

We support Mac & PC platforms along with integration with common accounting systems. This approach makes for seamless system implementation, regardless of your choice of operating system.

Protected Data
Protected Data

FileMaker Pro Advanced software employs industry standard security principles to ensure that your data remains secure at all times.

Business Does Not Stop
Business Doesn't Stop

Live database maintenance and backup mean further development and optimisation can occur without downtime.

FileMaker Cloud
FileMaker Cloud

Easily share information with your team in the cloud. The new FileMaker Cloud provides secure, reliable access to your custom apps.

FileMaker Platforms

FileMaker Pro


Web Direct



Quality Assurance Tool

Bailey Australia

Caravan manufacturers Bailey Australia produce over 7000 caravans and motorhomes each year. As each caravan comes off the assembly line, they are thoroughly checked by the quality assurance manager prior to being sent to their dealer network.

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System Integration

We are able to integrate seperate systems and pass data, such as invoicing, from one to another.

Our developers have had experience passing job details, staff time sheets and product sales from data systems into accounting packages and back.

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Our Services
  • FileMakerTM Pro Advanced database development
  • Bespoke database systems
  • Web systems development
  • App development

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